When talking about Thai food, harmony is the guiding principle behind every dish. Originally, Thai cuisine reflects the character of a lifestyle that has a lot to do with the essential elixir "water". Plants and herbs were and are important components of Thai culinary art. It is known for the complex interplay of at least three to five flavors in every dish or in an entire menu: sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy.


Australian head chef David Thompson, a well-known expert on Thai cuisine, said:


“Thai cuisine is not only characterized by its clear structure. It is also juggling with actually disparate ingredients in order to create a harmonious whole. Like a complex musical chord, it has to achieve a coherent overall picture without emphasizing the underlying components. "


Our basic principle in the "Longgrain" restaurant is to maintain authenticity and to preserve the real characteristics of Thai cuisine.


Our team wishes you a comfortable and enjoyable stay with us!

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